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 God has blessed the surroundings of Sigulda with bright and energetically rich sites. One of these is Sigulda ”Br?veri”, which is on its way to Velna ala cliffs and has attracted people for a very long time. In this place there has been a nobleman hunting house and deer grassland, Latvian scout camps, large fields of flowers and the richest water-rose collections in Latvia.

 Today „Br?veri” is the biggest recreation centre in Sigulda region with the widest range of opportunities for sports events, relaxation, seminars, festivals and weddings, but it all began with the Velna ala’s sauna, which is also the biggest pride of „Br?veri” today and a very special place that is to be seen nowhere else.

 In this ecologically and energetically rich place on the fire energy point there is an herbal sauna from sound logs in Latvian style – this is what Velna ala’s sauna is like. This is different from other saunas and recreation places, because here one can enjoy only sauna procedures. Drinking and parties are not compatible with real sauna procedures. Therefore Velna ala’s sauna has its own aura and aroma, which can be felt in old Latvian country saunas.

 There is a wide pond near the Velna ala’s sauna, which has very clear and live water owing to its many underground springs. When diving into it, one can feel a true freshness both in winter and summer. Tea drinking is an integral part of the sauna ritual. There are very special sauna teas that you can taste in „Br?veri”. They were grown in ecological meadows of Latvia and were prepared from many healthy herbs. You can enjoy them from clay cups.

 You are welcome to enjoy the remaining secrets and natures richness in presence in „Br?veri” – the most ecological and energetical place in Sigulda.

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